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Pay less for your dream wedding dress!

Stylish, high-quality, tailor-made wedding dresses from China at the perfect prices. That's our Yes White Dress promise.

Don't see what you're looking for?

We are constantly updating our collection, but if you don't see what you are looking for right now, contact us at or use the Facebook Messenger button on our page. We are able to create custom designed dresses or change some elements of the dresses in our standard collection. Want to change colour or add a train? Contact us today!

The pitch

What we do

We are passionate about weddings, but believe that the dress of your dreams shouldn't cost the earth. With Yes White Dress, you can get a high-quality dress at an astonishingly low price (seriously - check out our selection if you don't believe us!). We keep our costs low and pass these savings on to you so that you can spend more on giving your wedding guests a day to remember.

Where we work

We are a UK-based company dealing directly with wedding dress manufacturers in the silk and lace capital of China, where 80% of the world's wedding dresses are created. Top brands from around the world use the same manufacturers that we work with. We cut out the middle people, dress studios and designer labels to offer you "the dress" without the exorbitant price-tag.

Why choose us

We personally select the best materials, the most up-to-date designs and leading tailors to create a selection of wedding dresses at a fraction of the cost on the high-street. Each dress is handmade to your exact measurements and delivered to your door within 2 months of accepting your order (or faster for a rushed order). No more nightmare online wedding dress stories!

We're Bringing Sexy Back


Give us all the information we need to create your tailor-made dream wedding dress at a fraction of the cost. You can input these 6 measurements when ordering your dress on our online store. Not every measurement is required for each design, but it is safer to give us all of your vital stats for your, and our, peace of mind (don't worry - we have made it easy for you!). All you need is five minutes and a good bridesmaid/partner-to-be!

More detailed instructions can be found on our blog here.

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide shipping is available. Contact us directly at to make arrangements for your dream wedding dress to be sent directly to your door.

Our Story


You could spend a zillion pounds on a wedding dress or you could buy one from Yes White Dress and have it tailored and delivered to your door. Then you can put all the money you’ve saved to an outfit you’ll wear more than once, or a holiday, or some home improvements, or your child, or literally anything with a shelf life of longer than 10 hours.

May Blackburn

All my friends told me I’d never be able to get the dress I wanted for less than at least £600, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay that much just for one day. I searched countless websites looking for an affordable wedding dress and I found so many that shipped from China, but I didn’t really trust them. Luckily, Yes White Dress came along! I got my perfect wedding dress and my friends couldn’t believe the price I paid. I’m recommending Yes White Dress to everyone I know!

Sophie Agha-Rafei

Loved the selection of dresses, and the prices are unbeatable. After placing my order I was very impressed with the fantastic customer service, they responded to my queries immediately. The whole process was seamless.

Lucy Heath

The Blog

Design Your Dream Wedding Dress Like Priyanka Chopra

Design Your Dream Wedding Dress Like Priyanka Chopra

Embroider your love’s name, choose a dramatic veil or pick longer sleeves. With Yes White Dress, you have the option to create your dream wedding dress.

Win Your Dream Wedding Dress

Win Your Dream Wedding Dress

This is not a drill, people. This is the chance to win the wedding dress of your dreams from our beautiful and elegant Yes White Dress collection.
Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Our Lucy wedding dress oozes 1920's splendour.

Return and cancellation policy

All of our dresses are made-to-order, and due to the bespoke nature of this service, we are unable to accept returns on dresses unless they are faulty. We strictly inspect the size and quality of each dress before shipping it out, however, in the unlikely event that there is an issue, we will exchange any returned dress that is damaged, the wrong size or not as advertised. We won't let you get married in something you aren't 100% confident in.

Once our tailors get to work on your dream dress, the materials cannot be reused, and therefore our cancellation policy has had to take this into account. As a result, we have created a 24-hour cooling-off period where you can receive a full refund within 24 hours of payment confirmation.

For more information, or to notify us of a return or cancellation, drop us a line at or view our refund policy.