Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Does it get chicer than a Great Gatsby themed wedding?

The glamour, sophistication and decadence of the book and movie (not to mention Leo's smoulder), has inspired countless special events over the past decades. 

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

And it's not hard to see why, from jumping jazz music, elegant cocktails, awesome venues and dapper dinner jackets, to elaborate hairstyles and diamond-encrusted accessories, the movie might as well be filed under #weddingporn on our Netflix account. Carey Mulligan is just divine!

Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

There's just something about the debauchery and indulgence coupled with the timeless elegance and grace of a 1920's Great Gatsby themed wedding, that has kept the theme relevant for all these years. It's the perfect pairing between being respectable enough for your grandparents to attend, yet wild enough to throw the most legendary afterparty when the sun goes down and the family are tucked up in bed. The theme works well during all seasons, and luckily there are a whole host of beautiful, art deco-inspired mansion houses across the UK to act as the perfect backdrop to the Great Gatsby wedding of your dreams. 

Great Gatsby themed wedding dress

If you are looking for the perfect Great Gatsby-inspired outfit for your dream wedding, our Lucy wedding dress oozes 1920's splendour. This charming sheath wedding dress has all the elements of a Great Gatsby cocktail dress, whilst ramping up the glamour stakes with its sequin and broderie anglaise art deco-inspired embroidery and scalloped hemline. This understated strapless dress is guaranteed to be the centre of attention, as the sequins capture the light at all angles. 

The dramatic low back will also ensure that all eyes are firmly placed on the bride at all times. Our Lucy wedding dress can be tastefully accessorised with a faux fur shrug in the winter or a feathered headpiece in the summer. Wear with a long pearl necklace to be really dripping in that Great Gatsby style. 

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