How To Measure For Your Yes White Dress

Congratulations - you've found the dress! Next stop: the all-important measurements. 


We've broken down our measurement video for you, step-by-step, just in case you need a bit of extra help. All you need now is a measuring tape and a trustworthy friend or partner. 

Not all of these measurements are needed for all of the dresses in our collection, but the more information we have about you, the better we can create the wedding dress of your dreams. Each of these 8 measurements can then be inputted on the dress selection page.

1. Shoulders

Square up, hold your shoulders back and wrap the tape measure around the outside edge of your shoulders. It helps to be wearing a bra at this point if working with a friend!

2. Chest

Find the fullest part of your bust and wrap the tape measure around this section. Don't wear a padded bra for this, unless you are planning to wear the same bra on your wedding day.

3. Waist

Position the tape measure around the smallest part of your waist, a few centimetres above your belly button. 

4. Hips

Find the widest part of your hips and fullest part of your bottom and wrap the tape measure around this section. Make sure to measure around the largest part so that you will have room to move on the day!

5. Arm

Find the widest part of your upper arm and take the measurement around this area. Make sure to lift up and bend your arm to check that the tape measure isn't too tight. You will be toasting, clapping and dancing all night long after all...

Put on your wedding (/dancing) shoes...

6. Full Length

Finally, measure from the top of the middle part of your shoulder and pull down the tape measure to the bustline, making sure that the tape is hugging your bosom. Note down this first part of the measurement. Next, place the top of the tape measure at your bustline and measure down to the floor (whilst wearing your wedding day shoes). Add these two measurements together for your full-length measurement. (We separated this step into two parts as many tape measures won't quite reach the floor).

And relax... once you fill in your details and place your Yes White Dress order with us, all your wedding dress stress is over. Time to put your feet up!

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